Xps/Obs/Eps Buitenmuur Isolatie Sandwich Panel Sip Panel

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EPS Sandwich Panels
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Xps/obs/eps buitenmuur isolatie sandwich panel sip panel
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Mgo board
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EPS materiaal
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15-18 kg/m3
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Muur, dak
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2000 Piece/Pieces per Day xps/obs/eps exterior wall insulation sandwich panel sip panel
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Xps/obs/eps buitenmuur isolatie sandwich panel sip panel
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Hoeveelheid(Pieces) 1 - 300 301 - 500 >500
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xps/obs/eps exterior wall insulation sandwich panel sip panel 

Product Description

 MgO Sandwich panel is a composite building material. They consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with an insulating foam in between. Panel skins are magnesium oxide boards. Insulation core can be Expanded Polystyrene(EPS), Extruded Polystyrene(XPS). 

Compose : MgO (Magnesuim oxide ) Board +EPS/XPS+MgO (Magnesuim oxide ) Board



  • Common size: 900*2100600*2100
  • Largest width: 1200mm, adviced 900mm 
  •  Length: 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm, option is available
  • EPS Thickness:20-200mm  
  • XPS Thickness:20-90mm
  • Mgo board thickness:3-20mm
  • EPS Density: 15-25KG/M3
  • Customized size can be accepted.


  • Size: 4'x8' / 4'x9' / 4'x10' / 4'x16' / 4'x20' (Feet)

1200mm x 2400mm / 1200mm x 270mm / 1200mm x 3000mm)

  • Thickness: 4.5" / 6.5" / 8.25" / 10.25". (Inch)

114mm / 165mm / 209mm / 260mm

  • Types of spline: Dimension lumber, OSB, Light Gauge Steel


  1. A finished product, can be used directly, no need to compound.
  2. Lower the cost and time of construction. 
  3. Superior fireproof wallboard.
  4. Good performance of sound insulation and keep warm.
  5. Green and environment protection.
  6. Easy to construct and combine discretionarily.



Comparsion of Core


PolyurethaneThe main advantage of polyurethane (or the much harder to pronounce derivation, polyisicyanurate) is that it has the highest R-value of any SIP panel. After what's called thermal drift, it's about 6 to 6.8 of R-value per inch of panel.The main detractor of urethane panels is the high cost. The other disadvantage in terms of construction is that polyurethane has a high melting point, hot wire burners (the primary method of modifying EPS and XPS panels on site) can't be used.
EPSOver 80% of the SIP panels installed are EPS. EPS core material is widely available. It is easy to modify on sight and most sip installers have experience dealing with EPS. It's also the least expensive option in terms of material cost. 
XPSXPS has many of the best characteristics of both polyurethane and EPS. It has a high R-value (5 R-value per inch of panel). It is dense and stable yet has a relatively low melting point so on-site modifications are as easy as EPS. Also, like EPS, it bonds easily to OSB and gypsum board.Unfortunately XPS is expensive and manufactured panels are not widely available




Simple mobile house, cold storage, warm-keeping houses, villa, prefabricated house and thermal insulation wallboard. It can also be used in flue pipe making. 

Project Photos

Size and weight


 4' x 8' Ft4' x 10' Ft
4.5" Inch45kg56.25kg
6.5" Inch47.5kg59kg
8.25 Inch50kg62.5kg


Packaging & Shipping


Our Services:

         1.Reply your enquiry in 24 working hours.

         2.Exprienced staffs answer your questiongs in professional and fluent English.

         3.The dimensions can be customized.

         4.Special discount and protection of sales are provided.

         5.Do the best wholesale fire rated EPS magnesium sip in China


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