UV laminating varnish liquid UV coating for photo

  • 1000 - 5999 kg
    US$ 5,15
  • >=6000 kg
    US$ 4,90
Ondersteuning Zeevracht
Hoeveelheid(kg) 1 - 6000 6001 - 9000 >9000
Geschatte tijd (in dagen) 1 2 Onderhandelbaar
rapport Verdachte Activiteit
Snelle gegevens
andere namen:
laminating liquid
plaats van herkomst:
Guangdong, China
belangrijkste grondstof:
Epoxy acrylic
digital photo paper coating, Appliance Paint, Paper Coating
applicatie methode:
naam van het merk:
digital paper coating
UV laminating liquid for photo
drying method:
UV lamp
clear and transparent
Shelf life:
12 month
gloss degree:
high gloss
solid percent:
main raw material:
acrylic resin
Liquid Coating
Cas nr..:
500 Ton/Tons per Month
Verpakking en verzending
N.W:20KG/Drum or 24KG/Carton with 6 barrel/Carton
Shenzhen or Guangzhou, or the specified port
Levertijd: :
Hoeveelheid(Kilograms) 1 - 6000 6001 - 9000 >9000
Geschatte tijd (in dagen) 1 2 Te overleggen

UV laminating varnish liquid UV coating for photo


laminating liquid,photo album UV varnish,photo album UV varnish


Photo album UV laminating varnish LC-2655-5N3


Model No:LC-2655-5N3


Glazing method:

1.sheet fed offset printing, in-line printing machine with coating unit.

2.roller coating machine/glazing machine/varnishing element.

3.flexo printing with coating.

4.rotary press.

5.spot uv coating machine.

6.laminating machine.


Product description:

LC-2655-5N3 is an odorless laminating liquid varnish specially developed for photo lamination. It is a kind of UV hardening coating. Widely used for PVC, PET, PP and film based material’s dedicated glazing. 100% solid percent, non-benzene and environmental protection. Very low smell both the liquid itself and residual smell. Besides, in the process of photo film, the emanated smell is also very low, is an odorless high-end photo lamination liquid product.


Product features:

This product has an excellent flexibility, dedicated for photo UV lamination and odorless. Anti-fold and anti-knock, high glossy, excellent smoothness, solvent free and non-benzene,high-end and odorless, often used for digital paper film.

2Low smell, high gloss, excellent levelling grade,good hand feel, good anti-scratch. After UV coating, the printing surface presents a mirror effect, the presswork’s surface looks beautiful and the texture mellow and full, protect the ink coverage, increase the added value of the presswork.


General properties:

Appearance: clear and transparent liquid

Viscosity: 40±5s(Cup T4#,25)

Gloss degree(angel 60°):≥95°

Non-volatility: 100%

Acid: Below 1

Cure rate: 40-80Ft/Min/80W/Cm/Lamp or 35-38mj/cm2


Operating information:

1. Temperature: it can be used in room temperature with no solvent. If used under 18, please warm to 30 for a better varnish effect, or keep the tank at 50+5. The top heating temperature is within in 60

2. Clean roller coating machines: during downtime, can use alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate or cleaning solvents such as toluene to clean the rollers.

3. Apply coating quantity: according to the paper, usually at 5~8g/m2 (dry weight).

4. It can be used for on-line printing machine with coating. Please determine line speed before your use to ensure the adaptability of the product.



1.  Excessive or uneven powder spraying will reduce adhesion and gloss.

2.   Some inks will repel the varnish, cause varnish pictures uneven or poor adhesion strength, and even makes the ink color changes, this situation can be improved by coating water based primer varnish first (our model is LC-1545, or 1515),then glazing UV varnish.

3.   After varnishing, it must be complete drying, otherise it will cause many after-effects, such as the gloss fading, color change, non-wear resistance, non-adhesion, etc.

4.   After UV glazing, the paper viscosity will be poor, it should pay special attention of the choice of paste and the paste operation to ensure the quality.

5, UV lamp should be cleaned, checked and changed regularly, guarantee the varnish drying well and completely. Check the scraper and steel wheel regularly, otherwise the back of the paper will touch with varnish and then stack them together and caused blocking.


Security issues:

1.   After curing, this product is non-toxic and non-irritating, but if skin touched with the UV liquid, must wash with alkaline soap more than three time within 30 minutes Asap. When clothes touched, should change clothes immediately, avoid skin burn caused by a long time touched.

2.   Keep the workplace in good ventilation.



1.   Should avoid sunlight & high-heat, don’t store with oxide materials. Store in shady and cool, dry and good ventilation condition’s place.

2.   Shelf time are 12 months from date of production.

3.   Suggested storage temperature environment is 0-35,don’t less than 0℃.



N.W 20KG/drum or 4KG/barrel and 6barrel/Carton, also can meet special packing specification.


Company Information

We are a professional varnishing and coating manufacturer, have more than 20 years of experience in this field, supply all kinds of water based varnish, UV varnish, reverse UV varnish and silk screen printing varnish products.



1.Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, developing, producing and sales of water based varnish, uv varnish , silk screen printing uv varnish & reverse uv varnish for more than 20 years.


2.Can you make special package for us?

Our normal package for water based varnish is 50KG/Drum or 20KG/Drum, for uv varnish the normal package is 20KG/Drum with black & PP material, the reverser based uv varnish is 1KG/Can and the reverser surface uv varnish share the package of 20KG/Drum. Also can supply special package for your option such as 18KG/25KG/125KG/200KG,etc.


3. Can you offer us free sample for testing?

 Yes, free sample for your testing is available, and the freight cost should be for your account.


4. How long is the lead time?

Our capacity will be 30 tons every day, so timely supply will be available. The lead time will be 1-3days after the negotiated payment.


5. How about your MOQ?

 Even if produce 1KG or 20KG, or 200KG varnishing product, but all the production process & quality control process are the same, so we always suggest our customers the MOQ should be 200KG, but it can be flexible as your requirements.


6. How about the shelf time of your products?

 The suggested period of validity will be 360 days from the date of production. Storage environment: store in dry and ventilation cool place, avoid exposing high-heat and sunlight.

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