SURE SLEEP MAT Instant Deep Sleeping for Solving problems in Insomnia Patients across the world

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Tamil Nadu, India
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Pleasure Unlimited Mat
Product name:
Health Care
Used for:
Normalizing Sleep Disorders
Non Clinical, No side Effects
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Minimum 1 year from first use
10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Verpakt in een Eco Vriendelijke attaractive papier cover. Product zichtbaar op display.
Chennai INDIA
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Hoeveelheid(Pieces) 1 - 1000 >1000
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Product Description

Sure Sleep Mat - Start Enjoying a Deep Sleep !!

First of its kind in the world!

Sleep is the issue haunting more than 40% of the human population. Sleep problem is due to distorted brainwaves, meaning your brain is unable to switch off at bedtime due to over activeness and unable to enter into sleep mode which is the Theta and Delta brainwave states.

Our Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology helps an individual to tune their brainwaves to that of the Deep Sleep Delta Frequency non-invasively and in turn, have his brain naturally enter the Sleep state and enjoy a deep profound sleep subsequently.

Just spread the Sure Sleep Mat below your pillow and start enjoying a deep sleep!!

Enjoy the Deep Sleep!! Insta Deep Sleep Mat with Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology.
Salient Features

* Enjoy Deep Sleep everyday, by default !
* Instant Deep Sleep using Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology.
* Non invasive, no drugs, no side effects! Safe sleeping!
Delta Frequency which triggers Deep Sleep is impregnated permanently on to this Mat, using our Proprietary ‘Frequency Embedding
The embedded Delta frequency is received by the brainwaves, from the Mat through the pillow as soon as your head comes into
contact with the pillow. Result: You get into the Deep Sleep mode automatically.
Test Reports
US National Institutes of Health, prescribes a minimum requirement of 20% of Deep sleep out of total time on Bed, for a Healthy Sleep.

Here below are the Deep Sleep study carried out using a Sleep Monitor equipment, on 4 different persons, when they were using SURE SLEEP Mat, spread below their pillow; It may be observed that in all the cases, SURE SLEEP MAT has ensured a minimum of 20% of total time in Deep Sleep status. It has also been observed that DEEP SLEEP time increases with the increased usage of the Sure Sleep Mat.
Company Profie
PORTOWORLD is the abbreviation of Port To World
PORTOWORLD has been actively engaged for the last 15 years in Wellness Business, Fuel savings, Internationally. The activities of PORTOWORLD include, Innovating research based Unique Wellness Products and exporting them to the World, identifying unique Life saving and Life Extending Products and Importing them to India . PORTOWORLD, strongly believes in offering WHOLISTIC SOLUTION to Human Problems and Sufferings and has so far released more than 35 Unique Wellness Products to the World in the last 3 Years. It has also released to the world a Unique Fuel saver WONDERSAVE, which is currently exported to more than 5 countries. Led ably by its Founder Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan , who is an MD in Alternative Medicines and a Ph.D in Geopathic Stress , PORTOWORLD has already brought to the World, many FIRST of its kind Wellness Products, which are all aimed at eliminating the Root Cause of the Problems and not the Symptoms alone. PORTOWORLD is now offering to the World a complete solution to Cancer Management and Prevention of Cancer. Environmental Positive Energy Enhancer Products of PORTOWORLD are proven and are well received in many countries. PORTOWORLDs innovation Geopathic Stress Neutralizer Pads are used in many Western Countries and in India with very great effect. PORTOWORLD' s Research on EMF and Mobile Phone Radiation has brought to the World , RADISAFE Mobile Phone Radiation and Heat Harmonizer which is currently used in more than 25 countries besides its extensive use in INDIA. Soon, the Mobile Tower Radiation Guard is going to be released to the World. . PORTOWORLD is working overtime to release to the World another 15 first of its kind Life Saving and Life Extending products before the end of the year 2012. PORTOWORLD sincerely thank all those positive minded people around the World who are blessed to use these products and enjoy a qualitative life. Our Mission continues.

1. Who are we?
We are based in Tamil Nadu, India, start from 1999,sell to Domestic Market(25.00%), North America(20.00%), Africa(20.00%), Southeast Asia(15.00%), Mid East(10.00%), Eastern Europe(10.00%). There are total about 11-50 people in our office.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3.What can you buy from us?
Wellness products, water energizer, Energy Pads, Cancer Prevention Pads, EMF radiation prevention chips, Student memory enhancer Mat, NO PAIN Mouse Pads

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We have A to Z in house facilities for manufacturing and Testing of our products. We have adequate work force to finish the jobs well ahead of commitment.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: CIF;
Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, Credit Card, PayPal;
Language Spoken: English, Hindi

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