Runda LD-500 0.5-0.6 T/h 100% Volledige Test Batterij Recycling Machine Lithium Ion Batterij Making Machine

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Henan, China
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Video technische ondersteuning, Online ondersteuning, Onderdelen, Veld onderhoud en reparatie service
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Batterij Recycling Machine Lithium Ion Batterij Making Machine
Afval Lithium Batterij Recycling
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0.5-0.6 ton/uur
Totaal vermogen:
Drie-fase wisselstroom 380 V/50Hz, 200KVA
Maximale grootte van afval batterij (mm):
Ijzer recovery rate (gew %):
Koper recovery rate (gew %):
Positieve negatieve materiaal recovery rate:
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Veld installatie, inbedrijfstelling en training, Veld onderhoud en reparatie service, Video technische ondersteuning
30 Set/Sets per Month
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Houten case of plastic film of andere container
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Hoeveelheid(Sets) 1 - 1 >1
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Product Description

RUNDA LD-500 0.5-0.6T/H 100% Full Test Battery Recycling Machine Lithium Ion Battery Making Machine

    With the economic development, a large number of used lithium batteries are produced every year in the world. On the one hand, if they cannot be effectively treated, the carbonate-containing organic substances and heavy metals such as cobalt and copper will inevitably pose a potential pollution threat to the environment. On the other hand, cobalt, lithium, copper, aluminum, nickel and plastics in waste lithium batteries are valuable resources and have extremely high recycling value.

    Runda waste lithium battery recycling equipment mainly uses physical recycling methods for waste lithium batteries such as computers, mobile phones and electric vehicles, supplemented by “three wastes” disposal measures, featuring green low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, no secondary pollution, etc. Economic and environmental benefits.

   The waste lithium battery is sent to the first-stage shredder by the conveyor for shredding. The shredded material is sent to the second-stage multi-cutter crusher through the conveyor for the second crushing, and the secondary crushed material enters the conveying. The magnetic separation device is also set in the machine, and the iron in the material can be sorted out. The sorted materials are sent to the airflow sorting machine through the conveyor, and the separator paper in the positive and negative poles is separated by the induced draft fan and the cyclone feeder, and the sorted positive and negative electrodes are entered into the three-stage crusher. Finely crush and pulverize the material to about 20 mesh. The pulverized material enters the cyclone separator through the negative pressure system for dust filtration, and is separated by two airflows to stratify materials of different densities, and then obtain positive and negative materials and materials such as copper, aluminum and nickel. All ultra-fine dust is collected by a vacuum system into a pulse dust collector for collection. The exhaust gas obtained by filtration will continue to be sent to the exhaust gas treatment equipment by the negative pressure system for air purification, so that it can reach the national emission standard and then discharge at high altitude.

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Company Information

   Gongyi Runda Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturers for production and development of Environmental protection equipment, to meet the needs of the market in recent years, we have continuous improvement and innovation, combined with the current environmental factors in the development, we design and manufacture the following products: environmental-protection circuit board crushing and recycling equipment, Waste wire and cable crushing and recycling equipment,Capacitor crushing & recovery equipment, high voltage electrostatic separation equipment, aluminum plastic separation and recovery equipment, which fill the market blank, Runda machines performance with the highest reliability in the industry and advanced, to reach the goal of no pollution to the air,No waste gas and water pollution emissions, these machines belonging to the latest products of environmental protection.

    Our technicians will continue to update our products, meet and exceed customer needs, to provide users with equipment design, equipment selection, installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical training.We are rigorous, professional, the high-quality after-sales service is well received by new and old customers with praise and trust.

    Welcome domestic and foreign friends to visit Runda, and cooperate with Runda!Runda will be with you together to create a green and better future!



Q: How do I know the quality of your machine?

A: You can send your sample scrap materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging the fees. And  we can send the machine test video to you. We also warmly welcome you to visit our factory to test our machine personally.

Q: When we only purchase one shredder machine production line, can we use it to shred other scrap materials like?

A: Yes, you can. It depends on the difference of blades teeth and quantity, which can be customized.

Q: Which brand of motor will you use?

A: We use domestic motor manufatured by Chinese-famous suppliers, but you can choose other brand motor.

Q: Will you dispatch the engineer to guide installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, we will dispatch engineers to guide installation and traning about the operation of the machine.

Q: How long is the delivery date?

A: A single machine can be shipped within 5 days, and the entire production line is 10-15 working days.

Q: How long is the warranty period of the equipment?

A: one year warranty.

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