Live Alkalisch Water Met Magnesium (Mg)

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Pure Water
Plastic Bottle
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0.5; 1; 1.5; 2
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100000 Liter/Liters per Month
Verpakking en verzending
Stara Zagora
Product Description


Alkaline water, with pH9 and mineral salts, suitable for everyday use.

Ingredients: Ionized alkaline water ph 9.0 at the time of production; magnesium citrate E345.
ADVA is an alkaline water with a pH of 9 and negative energy charge.

“Living” water and “Dead” water are terms from fairy tales and folklore. “Living” refers to water that has magical and miraculous properties. In reality, “Living” water has an alkaline pH which is beneficial to the body.

• Typically, if a person needs “Living” water, they must pay a specialist or purchase their own domestic mini-treatment plant. A team of technologists wanted to make this water accessible to the general public, leading to the creation of an innovative product for any user, who wants to experience the pure, healing “Living” water. They created the unique brand ADVA..

• We called the water ADVA (which means, “murmuring water or a small wave”) because we used advanced technology, to produce ADVA, which is identical to the water from the purest mountain streams and it springs from hundreds of meters, passing around billions of pebbles that change the energy charge in the molecules and break its clusters.

• The water is filtered and disinfected by innovative technology that retains all useful minerals and removes the harmful ones – chlorine, fluorine, all harsh chemicals and microorganisms which exist at tap water, table water, distilled water, mineral water and water filtered at home.

• ADVA’s packaging is luxurious and innovative. Our robust packaging is unique and stylish. The recognizable design of the bottle has a wide neck, which prevents bubbling of the water, resulting in bloating from air entering the stomach. The cap can also be used as a cup. The violet protects the water from the harmful effects of UV rays.

• ADVA can be a component of a healthy lifestyle for those who are trying to lose weight. The daily intake of ADVA helps suppress the tangible feeling of hunger, without causing discomfort.

• Makes blood more alkaline and helps maintain the body’s proper pH.

• Alkaline water has a negative ORP, provides a safe source of free electrons and blocks the oxidative potential of free radicals. What does ORP stand for? Oxidizing-reducing potential, or the ability of a substance to oxidize (to donate electrons) or to reduce (to receive electrons).

• It is a powerful antioxidant! Move your body to an alkaline state by removing acidic toxins..

• ADVA helps capture free radicals in blood, binds to them and removes them from the body through urine.

Packaging & Shipping

 Bottles are in size: 0.5L; 1L; 2L

They are on pallets.
For more information please contact us.
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