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Galileostarj Kleine Zelfaanzuigende Pomp Automatische Elektrische Waterpomp

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GalileoStarJ small self priming pump,automatic electric water pump

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First, the concept of automatic
    It can be activated automatically when the faucet is turned on, or automatically when the faucet is turned off. Of course, when the water pressure is normal, the pump is also turned off and will not start. When the water is not normal or when the water flow is small, the switch is also very sensitive. It will not always open and save electricity. (Because the pump is equipped with pressure tank and pressure switch, it is not necessary to cut off the power supply. It can directly control the water pump through the switch faucet.) The pump pressure can be adjusted 1.5kg-2.2kg.
The sound of the motor is very small, only 58-61 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a normal voice! If you put it in the closet or cover it with something, there is no sound!
The motor is equipped with a thermal protector, overload, motor overheating (about 120 degrees), etc., disconnect the power supply protection motor by itself. The motor will never burn! After the pump is installed, if it is necessary to pump the groundwater for the first time, it is not necessary to fill the water. It is convenient because the pump itself has a check valve.
Second, the scope of use
      It is suitable for family life, water intake, well water intake, tap water pressurization, garden irrigation, vegetable greenhouse watering and aquaculture, etc. It is also used in family bathrooms. washing machine. Toilet water boost, roof water tower pressurization, garden watering system, shampoo shop, snack bar pressurized water supply, underground or open pit automatic water supply, hotels, bathhouses, hair salons, room heating and high-rise residential automatic pressurized water, Automatic circulating water supply for industrial equipment. Features: The lift has a self-priming function and is easy to install.
1. Install the first floor pumping water or tap water to press to the ground or to the second floor, the third floor, or even the fourth floor. (The more water is sent upwards, the lower the pressure, the smaller the water!
2. In the installation floor, pump the water downstairs to the home or the roof of the solar energy. (The water pump installation position must have water in the water pipe below 9 meters to be pumped up)
3. Install the roof to deliver water.
4. Pumping river water or well water to water the flowers, it is best to install a filter bottom valve at the end of the inlet pipe to prevent debris.



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random visit from a master The visits were necessary too the Alberts had not the soGalileoStarJ small self priming pump,automatic electric water pumphistication to react to a spyset and personal supervision was needed to convince them they were still being watched they still had to work A master came a master saw them working that they could understand

Thatand the punishments These went under the name of discipline and had three grades The Belbis beams administered all three by means of a slight readjustment in the ray It was angled as widely as possible and the dispersed beam carefully controlled acted directly on the nervous system

Cadnan troubled by Marvors threats and by his own continuing thoughts of Dara was a trifle absentminded and a little slower than standard He punishment twice both times in the first grade only Albin administered both punishments explaining to his partner Derbis that he didnt mind doing itand besides someone had to

Sometimes Dodd thought of Albin giving out discipline and of all of his life on Fruylings World in terms of a sign he had once seen It had been a joke he remembered that clearly but it was no more a joke now than the words which flashed nearly ignored at the back of his mind Once or twice he had imagined this new sign hanging luridly over the entire planet posted there in the name of profit in the name of necessity in the name of economic law

Everything not compulsory is forbidden

The Alberts had to be trained The Alberts had to be disciplined The men had to work with them The men were forbidden to leave the planet

And who were the slaves

That GalileoStarJ small self priming pump,automatic electric water pumpodd told himself cloudily was far from an easy decision

Everything not compulsory was forbidden Even the parties were forbidden though it was always possible to find one Dodd had avoided them completely afraid now of another breakdown this time in public He had not seen Greta or called her though he had her number now he had stayed alone as much as possible

He had no idea what had happened to him and that added to his fright and to his fear of a recurrence

But Albin he knew was having his fun and so were others The older men it seemed devoted themselves to running the place to raising their families and giving good advice to keeping production up and costs down

The younger men had fun

Dodd had thought of marriage Now it was no more than a memory a hope he might once have had Now the end had come there was no marriage There was no life Only the idea of hope remaGalileoStarJ small self priming pump,automatic electric water pumpned He had never had the vestige of a real female image in his mind Sometimes he had told himself to be more outgoing to meet more womenbut then how did a man meet women

He had fun

And Dodd had never enjoyed that particular brand of funAlbins brand

There was a Social an acceptable party that would get him into no trouble in Building One Dodd felt like lying down and letting the day drain out of him into the comforting mattress there in his room He felt like relaxing in his own companyand that he saw suddenly was going to mean drinking

He could see the future unroll before him He could see the first drink and the tenth Because drink was an escape and he neGalileoStarJ small self priming pump,automatic electric water pumpded some escape from the world he was pledged to uphold the world of slavery

He could not afford to drink again

So naturally he was getting ready to go to the Social Albin would be there undoubtedly some of the older men would be thereand a scattering of women would be there too He remembered himself thinking long ago before such a party Tonight might be the night He shaved very carefully faithful to memory dressed in the best he could find in his closet and went out heading for the elevator

Tonight might be the nightbut it made no difference not any longer

The trip to Subbasement took a few whooshing seconds He stepped out into a lighted oilsmelling underground corridor took a deep breath and headed off through gleaming passages toward another elevatorGalileoStarJ small self priming pump,automatic electric water pumpat the far end Before he reached it he took a turning and then another after a magnificently confusing trip through an unmarked labyrinth he found the elevator that led him up into the right section of Building One That was no special feat of course people had been doing the like ever since the first housingproject days on preConfederation Earth Dodd never gave it a second thought his mind was busy

The phrase had floated to the forefront of his brain again right behind his eyes lighting up with a regularity that was almost soothing almost reassuring

This is the end

This is the end

This is the end

When the elevator door slid open he was grimfaced withdrawn and he stepped out like a threat into a cheerful brightly dressed crowd of people

Here he is someone shouted I told you hed be here I told you Dodd turned but the words werent meant for him Down the corridor a knot of men and women was surrounding a new arrival from somewhere else laughing and talking As he stepped forward his eyes still on that celebration a pathway opened up for him he was in sober black and he went through the corridor like a pencilmark down paper leaving an open trail as he passed

A girl stopped him before he reached the door of the party room She stepped directly into his path and he saw her and his expression began to change a little at a time so that his eyes were for long seconds happier than his face and he looked like a young bullterrier having a birthday party

Am I in your way the girl said without budging an inch She was dressed in a bright green material that seemed to fade so near the glowing happiness of her face Her hair was brown a quite ordinary brown and even in that first second Dodd noticed her s They were long and slim the thumbs pointed outward and they were clasped at her breast in a pose that should have been mocking but was only pleasant

He couldnt think of anything to say Finally he settled on My names Dodd as the simplest and quickest way of breaking the ice that surrounded him

Very well then Mr Dodd the girl saidshe wouldnt go along with polite formsam I in your way Because if I am Im terribly sorry

Youre not in my way at all Dodd said heavily I justdidnt notice you And that was a lie but there was nothing else to say The thousands of words that arranged themselves so neatly into patterns when he was alone had sunk to the very bottom of his suddenly leaden mind almost burying the flashing sign He felt as if he were growing extra fingers and ears

I noticed you the girl said And I said to myself I said What can a person as grim as all that be doing at a Social as gay as all this So I stopped you to see if I could find out

Dodd licked his lips I dont know he said I thought maybe Id meet somebody I just thought Id like to come

Well the girl said youve met somebody And now what

Dodd found some words not many but enough I havent met you yet he said in what he hoped was a bright tone Whats your name

The girl smiled and Dodd saw for the first time that she hadnt been smiling before Her face in repose was light enough and to spare when she smiled he wanted smoked glasses Very well she said My name is Fredericks Norma Fredericks And yours is

Dodd he said John Dodd They call me Johnny

All right John she said You havent been to many Socials have you Because Id have seen youIm at every one I can find time for Youd be surprised how many that is Or maybe you wouldnt

There was no answer to the last half of that so Dodd backtracked feeling a shocking relief that she hadnt been to the party at which he and the other girl whose name he could very suddenly no longer remember had made fools of themselves He gave her an answer to the first half of her question I havent been to many Socials no he said I He shred and felt mountainous next to her I stay by myself mostly he said

And now you want to meet people Norma said All right Johnny Doddyoure going to meet people She took him by the arm and halfled halfdragged him to the door of the party room Inside the noise was like a blast of heat and Dodd stepped involuntarily back Now thats no way to be Norma said cheerfully and piloted him somehow inside past a screaming crew of men and women with disposable glasses in their s past an oblivious couple two couples four sevenpast mountains and masses of color and noise and drink and singing horribly offkey not bothersome at all loud and raucous and somehow Dodd thought wildly entirely fitting This was Normas element he told himself and allowed her to escort him to a far corner of the room where she sat him down in a chair said Dont go away dont move and disappeared

Dodd sat stockstill while the noise washed over him People drifted by but nobody so much as looked in his direction and he saw neither Albin nor that other forgettable girl for all of which he was profoundly grateful He hadnt been to a Social since his last mistake and before that it had beenalmost two years he realized with wonder Hed forgotten just how much of everything it could be He devoted a couple of minutes to catching his breath and then he just watched people drifting standing forming new combinations every second He thought once he saw Albin in the middle of a crowd near the door but he told himself he was probably mistaken There was no one else he recognized He didnt grow tired but sitting and watching he found was exhilarating enough

In another minute he was sure Norma wasnt going to come back Probably she had found someone else he told himself in what he thought was a reasonable manner After all he wasnt a very exciting person she had probably started off to get him a drink or something with the best of intentions and met someone more interesting on the way

He had just decided that after all he couldnt really blame her when she appeared at his side

The punch she announced is authentic It is totally authentic One glass and you forget everything Two and you remember ThreeI dont know what happens with the third glass yet But Im going to find out

He looked at her s She was holding two disposable glasses full of purple liquid He took one from her and got up Well he said cheers

Also down the hatch she said And any other last years slang you happen to have around and want to get rid of She lifted the glass Heres to you John Dodd she said and tipped the glass at her lipsjust that He had never before seen anyone drink in just that way or drink so quickly In seconds before he had taken a sip he was so amazed watching her the glass was empty Whoosh she said clearly That ought to hold me for at least six minutes

Then she noticed that he hadnt started his own drink yet so he took a cautious sip It tasted like grape juice like wine likehe couldnt identify the ingredients and besides he was watching her face He took another sip

Thats the way Norma approved Soon youll be drinking with the big boys

And whether she was making fun of him or not hardly mattered He felt careless maybe the drink had done it Why did you pick me he heard himself say Why did you stop me out of all those people

She hesitated and when she spoke it sounded like the truth perhaps too much like the truth to be true You looked like a puppy s
GalileoStarJ small self priming pump,automatic electric water pump
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