GalileoStar8 food grade luchtcompressor compressor voor jack hammer

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Shanghai, China
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1 jaar
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Olievrije luchtcompressor
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220 v, 380 v
10 ~ 200KG2609
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55X25X60 cm
16.0 kg
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Carton or wooden box
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GalileoStar8 food grade air compressor,compressor for jack hammer

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Oil-free silent air compressor
(The motor is full copper core coil, not absolutely silent, it sounds very small compared to normal)

The oil-free silent air compressor is widely used in dental, aquaculture, food, medicine, fitness, beauty, chemical, scientific experiments and other fields because it can provide pure and environmentally friendly gas source without oil pollution. It can also be used as a vacuum pump.


Its main advantages are as follows:
1. The motor is optimized by advanced design system to ensure high power, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high performance and high reliability.
2. The piston ring adopts new environmentally friendly material design, has small friction coefficient and can be self-lubricating, replacing the history of oil lubrication of traditional piston machine. More importantly, it does not produce harmful gas containing any oil, and does not cause secondary damage to the gas source. Pollution.
3. The cylinder liner adopts advanced surface hardening process to greatly reduce the thickness and accelerate the heat transfer; effectively improve the compactness and wear resistance of the surface and reduce the friction coefficient. This extends the service life and reduces maintenance time and costs.
4. The intake and exhaust valve system is made of Swedish valve steel belt after more than 80 hours of precision barrel grinding. With reasonable noise reduction design, the volumetric efficiency is greatly improved, and the noise is significantly lower than other similar products.
5. Multiple pressure and overload protection to ensure smooth and reliable machine operation.
6. The whole machine is thoughtful and thoughtful, flexible in movement, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
Buyers pay attention: the machine runs for a certain period of time, the machine will be hot, this is a normal phenomenon, just like the motorcycle exhaust pipe, heat, home children, please pay attention, touch the wrong hand, thank you! !



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GalileoStar8 food grade air compressor,compressor for jack hammer
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