GalileoStar6 ziekenhuis vacuümpomp vacuüm pompen australië

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GalileoStar6 hospital vacuum pump,vacuum pumps australia

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[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] Product introduction:

2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump, suitable for pumping out gas and water vapor. Inspiratory pressure can reach 33 mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum) When the vacuum pump is working for a long time under the state of suction pressure below 80 mbar, the cavitation protection tube should be connected to protect the pump, such as with an atmospheric injector (see attachment) Table) The suction pressure can be up to 10 mbar and the injector can be mounted directly on the vacuum pump. When used as a compressor, the pressure is up to 0.26 mbar (absolute).
2BV\SKA type water ring vacuum pump is a single-stage pump with integral structure-machine pump coaxial. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal and has the characteristics of simple structure, simple installation, no oil, safe and reliable.


[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] structure and features:

1.machine pump coaxial direct connection design, saving space and easy to install.
Mechanical seal is used as a standard configuration to eliminate leakage and easy maintenance.
2.Smooth operation and low noise.
3.Uniform corrosion-resistant design, bronze impeller improves the corrosion resistance of the pump, stainless steel is more suitable for more demanding applications
4.Unique flexible vent design, no over-compression, ensuring that SKA is most efficient in its performance range.


[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump]Scope of use:

SKA type water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar industry and other fields. Because the gas compression process is isothermal during the working process, it is flammable and explosive in compression and suction. When gas is used, it is less prone to danger and its application is more extensive.


[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] selection example

1 design point parameters:
Inspiratory volume V=100m3/h
Inspiratory pressure P1=40mbara
2 other parameters are the same as the standard status (see note)
Select the curve closest to design point 1.
3 in this case is 71V
Find the corresponding product model according to the curve number
(ie the order number, but only for the standard type). In this example, the pump type can be found from 71V as SKA2071-ONC06-IP.
Note: This performance curve is obtained in a state where the suction medium is saturated air of 20 ° C, the working fluid temperature is over 15 ° C, and the exhaust pressure is 1013 mba. Performance tolerance is ±10%. The left side of the figure shows the performance curve of the atmospheric injector.


[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] working principle:
As shown in (1), the SKA type water ring type vacuum pump is eccentrically installed in the pump body. When starting, a certain height of water is injected into the pump. Therefore, when the impeller 3 rotates, the water is subjected to centrifugal force and is in the pump. The inner wall forms a rotating water ring 1. The inner surface of the lower part of the water ring is tangent to the hub and rotates in the direction of the arrow. During the first half turn, the inner surface of the water ring of the SKA type water ring vacuum pump is gradually separated from the hub, so that between the impeller blades Forming a closed space with the water ring. As the impeller rotates, the space gradually expands, the space gas pressure decreases, and the gas is sucked from the disk suction port; during the second half turn, the inner surface of the water ring gradually approaches the hub, and the blade The space between the spaces gradually shrinks, and the space gas pressure rises. When the pressure is higher than the exhaust port pressure, the gas between the blades is discharged from the disk exhaust port. When the impeller rotates once a week, the space between the blades is sucked and exhausted once, and many spaces are continuously operated. The SKA type water ring type vacuum pump continuously sucks or presses the gas.
Because the SKA type water ring vacuum pump generates heat during work, the working water ring will heat up, and at the same time, some water and gas are discharged together. Therefore, during the work, the pump must be continuously supplied with water to cool and Replenish the water consumed in the pump to meet the working requirements of the pump.
When the gas discharged from the SKA type water ring vacuum pump is no longer used, a gas water separator is connected to the exhaust port of the SKA type water ring type vacuum pump, and the exhaust gas and part of the water to be discharged into the gas water separator are separated. The gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe, and the remaining water is supplied to the pump through the return pipe for continued use. As the working time is extended, the working water temperature will continuously increase. At this time, cold water should be supplied from the water supply pipe to reduce the working water temperature and ensure that the pump can meet the required technical requirements and performance indexes.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of water ring vacuum pump and compressor

When the 2BV type water ring vacuum pump is used as a compressor, the pump exhaust port is connected with a gas water separator, and the gas and water mixture is automatically divided into the gas water separator, and the gas is sent from the exhaust pipe to the required system and the working water passes through. The separator enters the 2BV type water ring vacuum pump. When compressing the gas, the working water is extremely hot, the water is discharged from the pump exhaust port, and the temperature will become higher. The water supply pipe is continuously supplied with cold water. To supplement the water that has been released, and at the same time to cool down, so that the working water temperature is not too high, thus ensuring compressor performance, Danone technical indicators, full process requirements


[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] Equipment installation:

1. Installation of water ring vacuum pump:
When installing the water ring vacuum pump and compressor, the mounting surface must be level and securely bolted through the holes in the bottom corner. In order to prevent the welding slag from entering the vacuum pump during installation, the filter should be installed on the suction pipe during installation.
2. Installation of water ring vacuum pump gas water separator
The water ring vacuum pump gas water separator can be directly installed on the exhaust port of the water ring vacuum pump and fixed by bolts. The gas-water separator has a pipeline connected to the pump, thereby supplying the water circulation vacuum pump with the required water demand, and the remaining working water is supplied by the water supply pipe, and the amount of the water supply is regulated by the valve on the pipeline.
A check valve should be installed on the intake pipe of the water ring vacuum pump or compressor to prevent the water in the vacuum pump or compressor from returning to the system under the pressure of the exhaust pipe when stopping.

[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] start and stop:

1. Water ring vacuum pump starts
The pump that has been parked for a long time by the water ring vacuum pump must be turned by hand several times before starting to confirm that there is no jam or other damage in the water ring vacuum pump.
The water ring vacuum pump starts in the following order (see Figure 5)
(1) Open the exhaust pipe valve.
(2) Start the motor (should pay attention to the forward and reverse rotation of the motor)
(3) Quickly open the water supply pipe 2 of Fig. 5. Gradually increase the amount of water supply until the water supply meets the specified requirements (should be careful not to run the vacuum pump).
2, water ring vacuum pump parking
The water ring vacuum pump stops in the following order:
(1) (If the intake pipe has a valve) Close the valve on the intake pipe.
(2) Close the water supply pipe 2 and quickly shut down the vacuum pump.
(3) After parking, the water in the pump chamber should be drained to avoid breakage of the blade and pump shaft when starting again.


[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] maintenance:

1. SKA type water ring vacuum pump To avoid wearing the impeller, the pump body or the impeller, the dust particles entering the pump chamber with the gas and the working fluid can be washed away by the flushing port at the bottom of the SKA type water ring vacuum pump.
2. If hard water is used as the working fluid, it must be softened or the solution should be cleaned with a solution within a certain period of time.
3, SKA type water ring vacuum pump motor working bearing is 15 ° C ~ 20 ° C higher than the surrounding temperature, the maximum is not allowed to exceed 55 ° C ~ 60 ° C, the normal working bearings should be loaded with oil 1-2 times a year, at least annually to clean the bearings Once and replace all the lubricant.
4. The mechanical seal used by the SKA type water ring vacuum pump is leaky. It should be checked whether the dynamic and static rings of the mechanical seal have been damaged or the seal ring has deteriorated. If any of the above conditions occur, new parts need to be replaced.


[2BV\SKA water ring vacuum pump] Causes and troubleshooting methods:

Water ring vacuum pump failure phenomenon
 Water ring vacuum pump may cause
 Water ring vacuum pump elimination method
Vacuum pump motor does not start; no sound
 Two power cords break
 Check wiring
The motor does not start; there is a click
 One wire is broken, the rotor of the motor is blocked
Impeller failure
Motor bearing failure
 Empty the cleaning pump if necessary to correct the impeller clearance
Bearing change
The current breaker trips when the motor starts
 Winding short circuit
Motor overload
Exhaust pressure is too high
Too much working fluid
 Check motor winding
Reduce working fluid flow
Reduce exhaust pressure
Reduce working fluid
Excessive power consumption
 Clean and remove sediment
Vacuum pump does not generate vacuum
 No working fluid
System leakage is serious
Wrong direction of rotation
 Check working fluid
Repair the leak
Replace the two wires to change the direction of rotation
Vacuum pump vacuum is too low
 Pump too small
Working fluid flow is too small
Working fluid temperature is too high (<15 ° C)
Systematic leak
Seal leak
 Use a larger pump
Increase working fluid flow
Cool the working fluid and increase the flow rate
Replacement parts
Repair the leak
Check seal
Vacuum pump sharp noise
Working fluid flow is too high
 Coupling gas erosion protection
Check the working fluid and reduce the flow
Vacuum pump leak
 Bad seal
 Check all sealing surfaces




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a somewhat different nature was the fancy that would seize her when she looked at heGalileoStar6 hospital vacuum pump,vacuum pumps australia own bare arm and traced in a kind of fascination the course of the blue and deepviolet veins under the white skin She wanted to set her teeth in that white roundness and she actually followed her impulse biting like a fierce little animal mark upon mark till she felt the pain and would stop and begin to fondle the poor maltreated arm

At other times when she was sitting quietly she would be suddenly moved to go in and undress only that she might wrap herself in a thick quilt of red silk and feel the smooth cool surface against her skin or put an icecold steel blade down her naked back Of such whims she had many

Finally after an absence of fourteen months Ulrik Frederik returned It was a July night and Marie lay sleepless listening to the slow soughing of the wind restless with anxious thoughts For the last week she had been expecting Ulrik Frederik every hour of the day and night longing for his arrival and fearing it Would everything be as in olden timesfourteen months ago Sometimes she thought no then again yes The truth was she could not 123 quite forgive him for that trip to Spain She felt that she had aged in this long time had grown timid and listless while he would come fresh from the glamor and stir full of youth and high spirits finding her pale and faded heavy of step and of mind nothing like her old self At first he would be strange and cold to her she would feel all the more cast down and he would turn from her but she would never forsake him No no she would watch over himGalileoStar6 hospital vacuum pump,vacuum pumps australialike a mother and when the world went against him he would come back to her and she would comfort him and be kind to him bear want for his sake suffer and weep do everything for him At other times she thought that as soon as she saw him all must be as before yes they romped through the rooms like madcap pages the walls echoed their laughter and revelry the corners whispered of their kisses

With this fancy in her mind she fell into a light sleep Her dreams were of noisy frolic and when she awoke the noise was still there Quick steps sounded on the stairs the street door was thrown open doors slammed coaches rumbled and horses hoofs scraped the cobblestones

There he is she thought sprang up caught the large quilt and wrapping it round her ran through the rooms In the large parlor she stopped A tallow dip was burning in a wooden candlestick on the floor and a few of the tapers had been lit iGalileoStar6 hospital vacuum pump,vacuum pumps australia the sconces but the servant in his flurry had run away in the midst of his preparations Some one was speaking outside It was Ulrik Frederiks voice and she trembled with emotion

The door was opened and he rushed in still wearing his hat and cloak He would have caught her in his arms but got only her hand as she darted back He looked so strange in his unfamiliar garb He was tanned and stouter than of 124 old and under his cloak he wore a queer dress the like of which she had never seen It was the new fashion of long waistcoat and furbordered coat which quite changed his figure and made him still more unlike his old self

Marie he cried dear girl and he drew her to him wrenGalileoStar6 hospital vacuum pump,vacuum pumps australiahing her wrist till she moaned with pain He heard nothing He was flustered with drink for the night was not warm and they had baited well in the last tavern Maries struggles were of no avail he kissed and fondled her wildly immoderately At last she tore herself away and ran into the next room her cheeks flushed her bosom heaving but thinking that perhaps this was rather a queer welcome she came back to him

Ulrik Frederik was standing in the same spot quite bewildered between his efforts to make his fuddled brain comprehend what was happening and his struggles to unhook the clasps of his cloak His thoughts and his hands were equally helpless When Marie went to him and unfastened his cloak it occurred to him that perhaps it was all a joke and he burst into a loud laugh slapped his GalileoStar6 hospital vacuum pump,vacuum pumps australiahigh writhed and staggered threatened Marie archly and laughed with maudlin good nature He was plainly trying to express something funny that had caught his fancy started but could not find the words and at last sank down on a chair groaning and gasping while a broad fatuous smile spread over his face

Gradually the smile gave place to a sottish gravity He rose and stalked up and down in silent displeased majesty planted himself by the grate in front of Marie one arm akimbo the other resting on the mantel andstill in his cupslooked down at her condescendingly He made a long potvaliant speech about his own greatness and the honor that had been shown him abroad about the good fortune 125 that had befallen Marie when she a common noblemans daughter had become the bride of a man who might have brought home a princess of the blood Without the slightest provocation he went on to impress upon Marie that he meant to be master of his own house and she must obey his lightest nod he would brook no gainsaying no not a word not one However high he might raise her she would always be his slave his little slave his sweet little slave and at that he became as gentle as a sportive lynx wept and wheedled With all the importunity of a drunken man he forced upon her gross caresses and vulgar endearments unavoidable inescapable

The next morning Marie awoke long before Ulrik Frederik She looked almost with hatred on the sleeping figure at her side Her wrist was swollen and ached from his violent greeting of the night before He lay with muscular arms thrown back under his powerful hairy neck His broad chest rose and fell breathing it seemed to her a careless defiance and there was a vacant smile of satiety on his dull moist lips

She paled with anger and reddened with shame as she looked at him Almost a stranger to her after their long parting he had forced himself upon her demanding her love as his right cocksure that all the devotion and passion of her soul were his just as he would be sure of finding his furniture standing where he left it when he went out Confident of being missed he had supposed that all her longings had taken wing from her trembling lips to him in the distance and that the goal of all her desire was his own broad breast

When Ulrik Frederik came out he found her half sitting half reclining on a couch in the blue room She was pale 126 her features relaxed her eyes downcast and the injured hand lay listlessly in her lap wrapped in a lace handkerchief He would have taken it but she languidly held out her left hand to him and leaned her head back with a pained smile

Ulrik Frederik kissed the hand she gave him and made a joking excuse for his condition the night before saying that he had never been decently drunk all the time he had been in Spain for the Spaniards knew nothing about drinking Besides if the truth were told he liked the homemade alicant and malaga wine from Johan Lehns dramshop and Bryhans cellar better than the genuine sweet devilry they served down there

Marie made no reply

The breakfast table was set and Ulrik Frederik asked if they should not fall to but she begged him to pardon her letting him eat alone She wanted nothing and her hand hurt he had quite bruised it When his guilt was thus brought home to him he was bound to look at the injured hand and kiss it but Marie quickly hid it in a fold of her dress with a glancehe saidlike a tigress defending her helpless cub He begged long but it was of no use and at last he sat down to the table laughing and ate with an appetite that roused a lively displeasure in Marie Yet he could not sit still Every few minutes he would jump up and run to the window to look out for the familiar street scenes seemed to him new and curious With all this running his breakfast was soon scattered about the room his beer in one window the breadknife in another his napkin slung over the vase of the gilded Gueridon and a bun on the little table in the corner

At last he had done eating and settled down at the window 127 As he looked out he kept talking to Marie who from her couch made brief answers or none at all This went on for a little while until she came over to the window where he sat sighed and gazed out drearily

Ulrik Frederik smiled and assiduously turned his signet ring round on his finger Shall I breathe on the sick hand he asked in a plaintive pitying tone

Marie tore the handkerchief from her hand and continued to look out without a word

Twill take cold the poor darling he said glancing up

Marie stood resting the injured hand carelessly on the windowsill Presently she began drumming with her fingers as on a keyboard back and forth from the sunshine into the shadow of the casement then from the shadow to the sunlight again

Ulrik Frederik looked on with a smile of pleasure at the beautiful pale hand as it toyed on the casement gamboled like a frisky kitten crouched as for a spring set its back darted toward the breadknife turned the handle round and round crawled back lay flat on the windowsill then stole softly toward the knife again wound itself round the hilt lifted the blade to let it play in the sunlight flew up with the knife

In a flash the knife descended on his breast but he warded it off and it simply cut through his long lace cuff into his sleeve as he hurled it to the floor and sprang up with a cry of horror upsetting his chair all in a second as with a single motion

Marie was pale as death She pressed her hands against her breast and her eyes were fixed in terror on the spot where Ulrik Frederik had been sitting A harsh lifeless 128 laughter forced itself between her lips and she sank down on the floor noiselessly and slowly as if supported by invisible hands While she stood playing with the knife she had suddenly noticed that the lace of Ulrik Frederiks shirt had slipped aside revealing his chest and a senseless impulse had come over her to plunge the bright blade into that white breast not from any desire to kill or wound but only because the knife was cold and the breast warm or perhaps because her hand was weak and aching while the breast was strong and sound but first and last because she could not help it because her will had no power over her brain and her brain no power over her will

Ulrik Frederik stood pale supporting his palms on the table which shook under his trembling till the dishes slid and rattled As a rule he was not given to fear nor wanting in courage but this thing had come like a bolt out of the blue so utterly senseless and incomprehensible that he could only look on the unconscious form stretched on the floor by the window with the same terror that he would have felt for a ghost Burrhis words about the danger that gleamed in the hand of a woman rang in his ears and he sank to his knees praying for all reasonable security all commonsense safeguards seemed gone from this earthly life together with all human foresight Clearly the heavens themselves were taking sides unknown spirits ruled and fate was determined by supernatural powers and signs Why else should she have
GalileoStar6 hospital vacuum pump,vacuum pumps australia
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