Freemax Flexibele Treeless Zadel | Goedkope Westron Zadel

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Uttar Pradesh, India
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Synthetic Saddle
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1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Internationale Water proof verpakking. Verpakking bespreekbaar op verzoek.
New Delhi
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10 Days
Product Description

Freemax Flexible Treeless Saddle | Cheap Westron Saddle -                                     


Western saddles are used for western riding and are the saddles used on working horses on cattle ranches throughout the world, particularly in the west. Indian Global Trade is the house of Quality products in leather saddlery, harnesses and all equestrian equipments.



This saddle was designed to provide security and comfort to the rider when spending long hours on a horse, traveling over rugged terrain.The tree is usually covered with leather on all visible parts of the saddle. The seat may have foam rubber or other materials added between the tree and the top layer of leather to provide additional comfort to the rider, and leather or foam padding may be used to slightly alter the contours of the seat. Sheepskin is placed on the underside of the saddle, covering both the tree and the underside of the skirts. The cinch rings, made of metal, are attached to the tree as described under "Rigging," below. For decoration, metal conchos, lacing, and small plates, usually silver or a silver-like substitute, are added.


The leather parts of the saddle are often tooled into designs that range from simple to complex. The finest-quality saddles often have hand-carved tooling that itself is considered a work of art.

There are many types of Western saddle available. Some are general-purpose models while others emphasize either greater freedom for the horse or greater security for the rider, as may be necessary for specialized work in the various Western horse sports such as cutting, reining, barrel racing, team roping, equitation and western pleasure. Factors such as width of the swells, height of the cantle, depth of the seat, placement of the stirrups and type of rigging all influence the uses of a given design. For example, a saddle with wide swells, high cantle and deep seat is suitable for cutting, where a rider must remain in a secure, quiet seat on the horse. At the other end of the spectrum, a saddle with a "slick fork" - virtually no swells - and a low cantle is suited for calf roping, where a rider must dismount quickly, often while the horse is still in motion, and not be caught up on the saddle.



The most common variations include the following:


Roping saddle: Heavy, sturdy saddle that usually has a thicker horn for securing a rope, low cantle, and slick fork that allows rider to dismount quickly when needed.

Rodeo bronc riding saddle: Hornless, deep seated saddle with wide swells, having small fenders with oxbow style stirrups, originally designed and made by rodeo innovator Earl Bascom in 1922.

Cutting saddle: Has a deep seat and wide swells allows the rider to sit deep and securely through sharp stops and turns.

Reining saddle: Has a deep seat to allow the rider to sit deeply and more freely swinging fenders for more leg movement on the rider's part.

Barrel racing saddle: Lightweight saddle with wide swells and high cantle which allows rider to sit securely but also allows the horse to perform fast sprints and sharp turns.

Endurance saddle: Lighter weight than most western saddles, often without a horn, has a tree that spreads the rider's weight out over a large area of the horse's back, thus reducing pounds per square inch. Often has stirrups hung slightly farther forward, to allow rider to get off the horse's back when traveling at faster speeds. Designed for long rides at faster speeds than a trail saddle.

Trail saddle: Designed for maximum comfort of rider as well as a good fit for the horse, features deep, padded seat, designed for long rides at slower speeds.

Show saddle: May be based on roping, cutting, or other trees, but is characterized by additional leather tooling and silver decoration. Usually features a deep, padded seat that allows the rider to sit quietly and give the appearance of a smooth ride.

"Equitation" saddle: Show saddle with an especially deep seat to help hold a rider in place.


There are several different sizes of trees commonly found in saddles. Trees differ in the width of gullet and bars of the saddle, pitch of the bars (steep to flat, usually between an angle of 86 to 94 degrees with 90 being common), and length of the bars. The tree also influences the shape of the pommel and cantle on the seat on the saddle, though the seat can be altered to fit a rider by adding padding and other materials to a far greater degree than the fit of the saddle tree's bars on a horse. A wider gullet sits lower on the horse, while a narrow gullet sits higher and is designed to fit horses with higher withers. The bars form the primary loading surface of the saddle as it site on the horse's back. A horse with a flat back and widely sprung ribs will require bars with a flatter pitch than a saddle made for a narrow horse, where a steeper pitch to the bars will keep the saddle placed properly. Most saddles are made with pre-manufactured trees which come in a limited range of sizes. Custom-made saddles may be able to have further alterations made to a standard tree.


Regular - If a manufacturer has a 'regular' barred saddle it usually falls between 5¾" and 6". Often 90 degrees

Semi Quarter Horse - This type usually has a gullet width of about 6½ inches and steeper bars than most other trees. It is the narrowest common tree and, despite its name, fits many breeds of horse. Often 90 degrees

Quarter Horse /Full Quarter Horse - Terminology varies with manufacturer, but overall design is intended to fit stock horse breeds such as the American Quarter Horse. This type usually has a gullet width of about 6¾ inches, but may be up to 7 inches. It usually has a flatter pitch than the Semi-Quarter horse tree. Different makers tend to give different gullet dimensions in Quarter Horse and Full Quarter Horse trees. Usually between 90 and 94 degrees

Arabian - Depending on manufacturer, has a 6½" - 6¾" width gullet but a very flat pitch to the tree. Usually has shorter bars than Full- and Semi- Quarter horse trees. Intended to fit smaller horses with short but wide backs, such as the stock horse-type Arabian and Morgan.

Haflinger (7½" gullet) are very wide, designed for semi-draft breeds such as the Haflinger horse, which are short-backed, heavy, low-withered horses. Often have a flat pitch (usually greater than 94 degrees) and very little rock.

Draft - (8" gullet), are designed for riding Draft horses. Usually greater than 94 degrees

Pony - narrow gullet, flat pitch to the bars, very short tree, designed for children and smaller ponies such as the Shetland and Welsh pony



Packaging & Shipping

 Internation standard packing. However, based on the buyer's requirement, it can be negotiated. 



Our Services

  We provide sevice to craft the desingn of saddles and other accessories of equestrian products.



Company Information




What are the payment methods we can use to make the payment?


We have several payment methods available for hassle free payments. We do accpet L/C, T/T and also PayPal. Other payment methods are negotiable.


What is the delivery time period?


The order is processed once the advance payment/payment has been received. The order is usually dispatched within 3-30 days.  Delivery time depends on several other factors, for e.g: Quantity of order etc.


Can we request the means of transportation according to us? (For e.g: By Air, Train or Sea)


Yes, you can tell us what means of transportation is suitable for you and we can use that as a means of transporting your order at the requested destination.


Do you deliver the order on any particular ports/destinations or can you deliver whereever the buyer wants?


We can deliver the order anywhere it's requested by the buyer, even at your doorstep. You just have to inform us prior to your order being dispatched.


Do the products have any warranty/replacements if the goods are damaged?


Yes, your order will reach your requested destination as it is. In case any of the products are damaged or need to be replaced for any valid reason then yes it will be replaced by us. 


Do you have a PLI? (Product Liability Insurance)


Yes, we do have PLI for some of our products. Also, we can insure any product on request by the buyer. However, there maybe possible charges that will be included. Buyer will be pre-informed about such information.


Do you offer samples for your products & is it refundable?


Yes, we do offer samples of our products prior to placing the order. We have collaborated with several courier companies such as DTDC, DHL, BlueDart etc for delivering our samples worldwise. We do provide refund of samples after the order is placed.


Can I use my logo on the products as per my requirement? 


Yes, We can print your logo on the products as per your requirement. You just have to inform us at the time of placing the order with required details.


Can you provide any products which is not listed in your catalogue?


We work as a buying house for our buyers worldwide and we provide sourcing of all available products in India.


Does Indian Global Trade import products?


Yes, There are some products that we import from around the world and sell it here in India.


Do you accept PayPal payments?


Yes, we do accept PayPal payments as it is considered a safe method for both, buyer and the supplier.



Can I cuztomize the product according to myself?


Yes, you can get the product cuztomized as per your requirement. However, there might be additional charges that may apply. You just have to show us a picture of the product that you have in mind and we will make it happen for you! 

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