Energiebesparing en milieubescherming bloem en blad droger machine

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US$ 8.000,00 - US$ 20.000,00 / Set | 1 Set/sets (Min. Order)
Hoeveelheid(sets) 1 - 1 >1
Geschatte tijd (in dagen) 15 Onderhandelbaar
rapport Verdachte Activiteit
Snelle gegevens
Voedsel Verwerking
Drying Oven
plaats van herkomst:
Henan, China (Mainland)
naam van het merk:
380 V, 50 HZ
Vermogen( w):
Afmetingen( l* w* h):
Afhankelijk van de specifieke model
Afhankelijk van de specifieke model
1 jaar
After- sales service:
Veld onderhoud en reparatie service
OEM met 20 yers ervaring
304 Roestvrij Staal
400-500 kg/u
Drogen temperatuur:
50-300 graden C
Riem lengte:
4000mm-20000 m
Kolen, stoom, elektriciteit, aardgas. olie
Hete lucht oven, ventilator, transmissie
Shell frame, Voeden poort, ontladen poort, mesh riem, pijpleiding,
Riem breedte:
Product naam:
Bloem en blad droger machine
100 Set/Sets per Month flower and leaf dryer machine
Verpakking en verzending
Bloem en blad droger machine:
Mesh Riem droger machine levering met 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ standaard container, riem, motoren en andere onderdelen worden gebruikt houten doos pakket.
flower and leaf dryer machine:Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port, Guangzhou Port
Levertijd: :
Hoeveelheid(sets) 1 - 1 >1
Geschatte tijd (in dagen) 15 Te overleggen

Energy conservation and environmental protection flower and leaf dryer machine

The flower and leaf drying machine are used for drying the high moisture material to a suitable moisture, so that the material can be reached a high efficient use value. Our company produce the civil dryer machine is widely used in food, vegetable, melon and fruit, medicinal herbs and other industrial.


Application Of flower and leaf dryer machine:

Fruit:Almonds, jujube, peanuts, longans, walnut, papaya tablets, apple, lemon, hawthorn pills, bananas, etc.
Vegetable:Asparagus, beans, kidney beans, lentils, eggplant, red pepper, Chinese prickly ash, black fungus, tremella, papaya tablets, pills, bitter melon, radish, cucumber slices, mushrooms, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, etc.
Medicinal material:Flos lonicerae, radix scutellariae, salvia miltiorrhiza, burdock, fructus schisandrae, codonopsis, radix rehmanniae, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, mulberries, forsythia, Chinese wolfberry, etc.
Others:Lily, rose, peony seed,fennel seeds,etc.

Consist of flower and leaf dryer Machine:
As shown, the dehydrator Machine contain dryer body, heat furnace, conveyor belt, switch-plate, sealing device, heat-insulation device, hot air input device, etc. There is a guide material device inside the dryer, so that the material in contact with the heat transfer medium fully, achieve uniform drying purposes.

The working principle of flower and leaf dryer Machine:

The material is placed on the conveyor belt, through the switch-plate device on the conveyor belt, spread the belt evenly, the material through the first layer transition to the next layer, each layer set guide material device and rollover device. make the material fully contact with the heating medium, dried material will be discharge by the last layer.


The heating medium enter into the dryer machine by the fan, wind speed induced draft fan generated pressure to make adequate and uniform spread in the dryer at the bottom of the heating medium, since the lower pressure is greater than the above pressure,the upward movement of the heating medium through each belt, so that the material in contact with the heat medium sufficiently, improve drying efficiency.

Advantages of flower and leaf dryer Machine;

1. Heat source using heat exchange furnace, outlet temperature up to 130-150℃.In order to make food, medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables and other material to keep good shape, color and internal organization is not damaged, improve the quality of production, control the drying temperature 60℃-90℃. Heat source adopts heat exchange method, make the clean air enter into the machine, make the material avoid pollution.
2.The equipment adopts the control motor, according to the moisture content of material is different, adjust the time of material in the dryer operation, thus guarantee the drying efficiency.
3.There are setting up 8 sets observation door on the dryer machine, not only can observe the drying chamber, but also convenient cleaning equipment.
4.Wide application range, simple operation, easy to maintain.

5. This type dryer machine without foundation can be used.

 Installation of  flower and leaf dryer Machine:

1. The device should be installed on a level concrete foundation with anchor bolts. 
2. When installing, you should pay attention to the main body vertical and horizontal. 
3. After installation check all bolts and host doors, if loose, please fasten them.
4. Configure the power lines and control switch according to the device's power 
5. After checking, empty load test, if the test normal, it can be used to produce.

Training is FREE to every customer. Whenever you need us, for installation, maintenance, or proper use of our company machines, we will be right there for you. In addition, we provide 2-years warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away

Our service:
Pre-sale services:
Act as a good advisor and assistant of clients; enable them to get rich and competitive
from the returns of their investment.
1) Select suitable equipment model.
2) Design and manufacture products according to clients’ special requirements.
3) Train technical personnel for clients.
4) Professional suggestion for customer.

Services during the sale:
Respect clients; devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.
1)take photos(including raw material, semi-products, final products, and loading products)
1) Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery.
2) Prepare all clearance documents, so that the customer clearance smoothly.

After-sale services:
Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.
1) Provide civil engineering drawings of the equipment.
2) Free training(including installation,maintenace) to every customer.
3) Install and debug the equipment, ensure the dryer running smoothly.
4) Examine the equipment regularly.
5) Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site.
6) Distribute the guarantee fittings door-to-door.
7) Provide technical exchange and support.
8) Provide maintenance for big items.
9) The most preferential prices to provide customers the quick-wear parts.

Delivery of flower and leaf dryer Machine:


GUOXIN of flower and leaf dryer Machine:

Cooperation customer:

History of Gongyi Guoxin machinery factory

Gongyi Guoxin machinery factory 20 years to focus on drying area, covers an area of 5000 square meters, respectively, with research and development department, design department, technology department, sales department, commissioning department, under the careful study of r&d department and design department, USES the German technology, improve the dryer, achieve optimal performance.Now my company production of drum dryer, mesh belt dryer, microwave drying machine, box-type dryer, air dryers, fluidized bed dryer, vertical dryer, food drying machine, widely used in metallurgy, mining, food, medicine and other fields.You are welcome to visit our factory and professional team will provide you with the best quality technical services.  

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