dry outdoor far infrared sauna

  • 10 - 29 sets
    US$ 468,00
  • 30 - 49 sets
    US$ 458,00
  • >=50 sets
    US$ 448,00
2 People
US$ 468,00 /Set | 1 Set (Min. Order) | Voorbeelden kopen
Hoeveelheid(sets) 1 - 10 11 - 30 31 - 50 >50
Geschatte tijd (in dagen) 20 25 30 Onderhandelbaar
Aangepast logo (Min. Order: 1 sets)
Aangepaste verpakking (Min. Order: 50 sets)


Afbeeldingen bewerken (Min. Order: 1 sets)
Custom size (Min. Order: 1 sets)
Custom stijl (Min. Order: 1 sets) Minder
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Snelle gegevens
Meer dan 5 Jaar
After- sales service:
Online Technische Ondersteuning
Project Oplossing Vermogen:
Grafisch ontwerp, 3D model ontwerp, Anderen
plaats van herkomst:
Jiangsu, China
naam van het merk:
Ver infrarood, Computer Control Panel, With Transom Windows
belangrijkste materiaal:
Canada hemlock
Sauna Kamers
Muur Bouw:
Dubbelwandige constructie
Infrarood sauna's Size:
120*105*190 CM
Infrarood sauna's Spanning:
110-240 V
Infrarood sauna's Power:
1700 W
Veiligheid Apparaat:
Dubbele Isolatie/Infrarood Apparaat
Verwarming Type:
Infrarood Keramische Heater/Carbon Heater
Digitale controle met USB/Intelligente controle met USB
Infrarood sauna's Materiaal:
Massief Houten {niet-allergeen/niet-giftige (Canadese Hemlock/Red Cedar)}
De dozen
Productcertificering certification
CE Gecertificeerd.
1000 Set/Sets per Month
Verpakking en verzending
3 dozen
Levertijd: :
Hoeveelheid(Sets) 1 - 10 11 - 30 31 - 50 >50
Geschatte tijd (in dagen) 20 25 30 Te overleggen

dry outdoor far infrared sauna KN-002A

 Globalsaunas Profile 

Jiangsu Kangnuo Far-IR Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, welcome here. 

Product Description

 Product Parameters  

Place of Origin


Brand Name

Global Saunas

Model Number


Net Weight


Gross Weight



4--8mm tempered glass that creates an open feeling inside the sauna


Made with tempered glass to avoid warping issues and uses a magnetic lock to secure the door closed.


Has an adjustable air vent

Dry Sauna


Reading Light


7 Color Light

You can choose or can not.

Wood Door Handle

"S" handle / "I"handle / "H"handle

Oxygen Lonizer

You can choose or can not.


You can choose or can not.

LCD Monitor

MR16 / Strip lights / MR13

Tourmaline Energy Stones

You can choose or can not.

Toughened Glass Door




Temperature Range

0°C - 65°C / 32°F - 149°F

Time Range

0-60 minutes


Slightly raised, solid hemlock to aid in air circulation 


 Products Details 



Product Effects

 What Is Infrared? 

 Our sauna's Benefits 

 Applicable occasions  

1.Health Care


3.Physical Education


5.Product Manager

6.Medical Treatment


8.Home  Appliance

9.Health Club

10.Fitness equipement,gym equipent

 Who can not use our saunas 

Product Name:

 1.Heart function is not good


3.Congenital heart disease

4.Cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients with or without symptoms of potential patients

5.Coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood viscosity and other chronic diseases

6.Diabetes, obesity, and have a family history of heart disease

Buyer Feedback


Packaging & Shipping

Delivery and Shipping 

Loading Port

Qingdao port in China

Delivery Time

Shipment around 3 weeks after getting your 30% of payment for containers.


Shipment around 15 days after getting your 100% payment for samples.

Payment Terms



 Easy Assemable 

After you received our sauan room,you can easy assembale it as follow steps:

It is easy to install them.Two girls can install them by themselfes.

And we have instruction with sauna room for you.

Our Certificates

Our saunas have got ISO9001 / ETL / CE / KC / PSE / C-TICK Certificates and so on:


Company Information

We are a leading producer of far infrared sauna equipment, as well as 13 years experiences. Our saunas have got CE/ETL/C-TICK/KC/PSE certifications. We glad to provide support to you, you can get infrared sauna room(1-5 person),half body infrared sauna and infrared foot sauna from us.

 Why choose us 

1.The first factory to use Canadian red cedar wood panel

2.The first factory to export far infrared sauna rooms

3.The first factory to export over ten thousands infrared foot saunas

4.The first factory to use Alibaba.

5.The first factory to use infrared nano carbon heater

 Factory Show  

 Our Customers 

Our customers around all over the world,they from different countries,different industry. We strive to establish long-term collaborative partnerships with our customers and become their trusted partner. Such partnerships allow us to build dedicated teams, to create and maintain client-specific knowledge, and to seek overall process improvements and efficiency gains over time.

 Our Team 


Sample Room

This sauna sample room we do for our cuatomer for expanding their sauna.

Beautful, right.  we can do them for you.

Our Services

Choose us, a fast, safe and very convenient service will simplify and improve your business:

1.Large scale will meet your any requirement,you never need worried;

2.OEM is accept,let us produce for your company;

3.ODM is accept,make your own design for you;

4.Design and sample is approvel;

5.Fast produce,fast delivery;


Q: How Safe is Infrared Heat?

A: Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for all living things.  You can be exposed to infrared light for hours without the risk of burning.  Infrared is a naturally occurring   output of the sun, but does not contain the harmful UV rays associated with unprotected sunlight.  In fact, infrared heat is so safe, it is used in hospitals to warm newborn infants.

Q: What is an Infrared Sauna?

A: An Infrared Sauna is a device used to create radiant heat from a spectrum of light through a process called conversion. The spectrum of infrared light used in an Infrared Sauna is 7-14 microns which is the same radiant heat emitted from the earth, but is only a small and highly beneficial segment of the light spectrum emitted from the sun. The infrared segment of light occurs just below the visible level and has the ability to penetrate the body up to 3 inches where it converts into heat for deeper detoxification and other healing benefits.

Q: Can Kids Use Infrared Saunas?

A: The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. This occurs due to a higher metabolic rate per body mass, limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands and the inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. When using with a child, operate at a lower temperature and for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

Q: What Should I Do to Prepare for a Good Infrared Sauna Session?

A:  Leave the temperature at the default setting of 150°F and turn your sauna on 60 minutes before you’re ready. Enter with 30 minutes remaining and you’ll have the perfect session! If time is short, jump in after 15 minutes, as your Sunlight Sauna will already be at 100°F! Drinking an electrolyte replacement water or sports drink is strongly recommended before and after sauna use.

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