Kurk Ballen Natuurlijke (Kleine Maten) & Geperst-Alle Maten & Verschillende Kurk Materialen

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Color cork Balls

As you see in the images we can color cork agglomerated, natural, micro and mix micro cork balls.
If you want to colorize the micro cork balls, So we'll manufacturer as client custom requirements. please contact us. See the details for each kind of cork:


is a versatile and sustainable product. As it is made with cork it is a raw material that is so perfect that, recently, no industry had the chance to replicate it. The natural cork has splendid distinctions from the other products with the same goals. Natural cork is very light with 50% of it is constituted by air, it is elastic and comprehensible, has a natural touch, is highly abrasion resistant, hypoallergenic, thermal insulator, impermeable to liquids and gases, and at last but not the least it is a natural raw material that makes it an eco friendly product.


it can be used for a wide variety of options, for example, table football, decoration and any other that your fantasy might come up with. Cork balls can be made in Natural, Agglomerated or Mixed compositions according to whatever you prefer.
“Micro-granulated cork stoppers are new generation cork stoppers with a body of the agglomerated cork of a specific grading. The granules are glued to each other by means of an adhesive approved for contact with food. They are made using a procedure which aims to improve their sensorial neutrality. This stopper’s main characteristic is its high structural stability. It is recommended for wines which will be quickly consumed, but which have some complexity.” (APCOR)


is made with expanded agglomerate, also known as black agglomerate, is made by means of the agglutination of virgin cork granules, mostly from the pruning of oak trees, with a higher concentration of extractives than other types of cork, which act as a natural adhesive. It is achieved with an industrial process without the use of additives and it is 100% natural.

“Granulation: The cork is submitted to a grinding process similar to that for composite agglomerates. The final granule size obtained depends on their intended use, from 3 to 10 mm for acoustic agglomerate and 5 to 22 mm for thermal agglomerate.

Cleaning: Next, impurities are removed, specifically wood and bark pocket, with the aid of densimetric separators and sometimes pneumatic separators or rotating drums. The granulate is stored and dried until the ideal moisture level is reached.

Agglomeration: The granules are placed in autoclaves and, by using steam from water overheated to 300-370 ºC, they undergo expansion and exude their resin (suberin), driving agglomeration without using any foreign additives. Boiling time varies from 17 to 30 minutes, depending on the initial moisture content.

Finishing: The result is expanded cork blocks which, after stabilization, are rectified and cut into sheets of varying thickness, normally using a bandsaw, after which they are adjusted for size and squareness using a circular saw. The blocks are packaged and stored.” (APCOR)



Our company is in the cork industry for over 25 years with more than 1 000 000 000 cork stoppers sold worldwide. Since 1993, we develop any of the custom cork products you may be looking for or have in your mind as a project or a desire. From standard to conical and custom cork stoppers we can fulfill anything that you may need. Let us know how we can help!


Stanimirov Cork Industry also deals with: Wine, Agglomerated, Bar Top, Bark, Capsulated Champagne, Champagne with One or Two Disks, Cognac and Colmated Corks. Other products in our product portfolio are the Cork Balls, Cork for Jars, Cork for Oil Bottles, Cork for Vinegar, Cork Paper, Laboratory Corks, Plastic Top and Tapered Corks


Stanimirov Cork Industry Ltd.

Address: Zona Industrial Casalinho-Rua III 564, 4535-029 Lourosa, Portugal
Phone: +351 22 745 3590

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