Bouwmateriaal Derde Partij Inspectie/Multiplex Kwaliteitscontrole/Ervaren Betrouwbare Inspecteur

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US$ 148,00 - US$ 199,00 / Pak | 1 Pak/packs (Min. Order)
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plaats van herkomst:
Shandong, China
naam van het merk:
Luxiberg Inspectie
Inspectie Service
Inspectie service:
Bedacht in basis van klanten speciale behoeften
Fabriek audit:
O ervoor dat de juiste fabriek is geselecteerd
Product kwaliteit inspectie:
Ervoor dat uw kwaliteit normen en specificaties zijn voldaan
Derden inspectie:
Onafhankelijke inspectie zeer professionele QC diensten
Pre-shipment inspectie:
Productkwaliteit, veiligheid & compliance
Container Laden Inspectie:
Zorgen voor de juiste goederen en de juiste hoeveelheid zijn geladen in alle veiligheid
Tijdens productie inspectie:
Laat tijdige correctie van gebreken en verbeteringen op kwaliteit
Eerste productie inspectie:
Te vergewissen dat de fabriek heeft goed begrijpen uw specificaties
100% Kwaliteitscontrole Dienst/Defect Sorteren Service
Productie monitoring:
Ideaal om constante waardevolle feedback van productie status
35 Pack/Packs per Day
Verpakking en verzending
-Professionele kwaliteitscontrole inspecties als per klant behoeften en eisen;
-Product inspectie als per klant specificaties en strengste internationale normen;
-Fabriek Audit als per ISO 9000 normen;
-Goed opgeleide ervaren Inspecteur on-site binnen 48 uur;
-Duidelijke en Gedetailleerde inspectierapport met veel foto's naar de klant binnen 24 uur na het einde van de inspectie
-13 jaar van kwaliteitscontrole ervaring in China; fulltime QC inspecteurs gespecialiseerd door industrie
all ports in China
Levertijd: :
48 hours





  • Factory Audit Services as per ISO 9000 standards and client's requirements.
  • Quality Control Inspection Services as per AQL level 2 and client's quality control checklist.
  • Defects Sorting Services / Full Inspection Service.

Complete range of product quality inspection services in China and Greater Asia: Pre-production inspection, initial production inspection, production monitoring, during production inspection, final random inspection (pre-shipment inspection), full inspection, container loading inspection.



Why to select Luxiberg International as your Quality Control Partner in China?

  • French Management team with extensive background in Quality Management in China and Greater Asia;
  • 11 years of quality control experience in China main industrial regions;
  •  4 years of quality control experience in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Turkey
  • Customized quality  inspection service as per AQL level 2 and client's requirements
  • Full-time QC team only; all our inspectors have the qualification of engineer and 4 years of on-site quality control experience; and, we have trained them to inspect as per European and American Standards;
  • Fast and reliable inspection services at very affordable pricing:
    - 178 - 189 USD in China coastal province, Hebei, Henan (Zhengzhou), Anhui and Chongqing;
    - 299 USD in other Asian countries' main industrial cities.
  • Clear and Complete inspection report provided within 24 hours upon the completion of the inspection service; our inspection reports include inspector's observations and comments and lot of pictures taken all along the inspection, thus showing you clearly all the aspects of your products and any possible issue.
  • Sample quality inspection reports available on request; having a look to our inspection reports will give you a good insight regarding our high professionalism in inspection matter.
  • Luxiberg Quality Management team can advise you all along the buying process in China and Asia and help you to improve the quality of your production quality in China and Asia.


How many it costs you in time and money when you come to China to check your production at the factory in China?
Have you ever received faulty products from suppliers in China?

How costly is it to replace the product or refund your customers when the product is defective?

And more over many customers will not buy your products again if they have received a product of bad quality and, your reputation risks to be damaged?



Luxiberg Inspection makes sure that your quality standards, specifications, requirements and expectations will be fully understood and respected by your suppliers in China and Asia.


Each inspection is conceived in base of  the client's needs, concerns and requirements 

To ensure a constant and high quality to our clients coming from about 40 countries and belonging to very different field of activity, we have chosen to have full-time inspectors only and never outsource nor hire freelance inspectors on the inspection’s spot as do many of our competitors in China;  

All our inspectors have the qualification of engineers and several years of quality control experience; and, we have trained them to inspect as per the European and American standards.

By having a full time QC only, we can control better the work of the inspectors, and train them regularly.

Each inspection is carried out as per the AQL level 2 and your specifications & requirements by a well-experienced inspector and  a clear and complete inspection report with lot of photos, our observations and comments will be sent to you the day after. If necessary, we can send you an inspection summary the same day and of course, we will inform you immediately if a big or several problems are found during the inspection.

On client's request, our inspector can also check the products one by one, applying the client's quality standards , eliminating defectives products and controlling the factory's reworking.

At Luxiberg, when performing product quality inspections, we focus on the essential the workmanship, product size measurements, the conformity of the production with client’s specifications and requirements, and the product tests to make sure the product correct construction & assembly, safety, durability, function, functionalities and functioning.

Regarding the packing, we ensure that the packing is well fitted for the products, the carton strength enough to not be damaged during the transportation, the shipping mark and labeling correct and in conformity with client’s specification




Pre-Shipment Inspection: Also, called “Final Random Inspection”, this inspection is generally carried out at the production site when 100% of your products are finished and export-packed at least at 80%. The pre-shipment inspection provides a clear depiction of your production quality and characteristics before shipment thus ensuring the compliance of your goods with your specifications and contractual requirements. The PSI covers all possible on-site checks of your goods: quantity, workmanship, design, product appearance, functionality, reliability and safety, materials, assortment and accessories, colors, weight and size measurements, logo, labels, shipping marks, packing and packaging, drop-test, barcode, and any other special instructions from you if accepted by the factory.

 Main benefits of the Pre-Shipment Inspection:

 - Ensure the quality, the conformity, the reliability, functionality and safety of your goods;
- Find out if the product is working correctly and safely.
- Make sure that the final products are in accordance with client's specifications and expectations.
- Impede the importation of inadequate, substandard or prohibited goods.
- Reduce import risks
- Implement the necessary re-working or corrective procedures before the shipment of your goods.
- Refuse the shipment if it does not meet your requirements and standards of quality
- Approve the final payment in confidence.


Full Inspection / 100% Quality Control Service / Defect Sorting Service: 

the aim of this service is to sort out the defective products from all the inspection batch; after a failed inspection, this services is also an efficient way to verify if your factory has done the required reworking and eliminated bad quality products.


Container Loading Supervision / Container Loading Inspection: To make sure that the right goods and the right quantity are loaded in a safe and secure manner in a container in good condition.

 This inspection covers the following:

  • Verification of container general state (Water-tightness, air-tightness cleanliness, dryness, odor free, no hole, no structural damage);
  • Packing list check;
  • Quantity check;
  • Randomly open some cartons for a quick quality control on a selected sampling size to check workmanship, products dimensions, functionality, packing and packaging; please note that for an accurate QC check, you should book a standard inspection as the During Production Inspection or the Final Random Inspection.
  •  Close monitoring of the whole loading process (loading manner, crates & cartons conditions, no broken or crushed cartons, filling-up level, etc.) 
  • Verify container-door-lock-seals put on the right places; record truck number, container number and seal number

 Main benefits of the Container Loading Inspection:

- Verify that your whole production is shipped 
- Be sure that the right goods and the right quantity will be delivered 
- Right good shipped, no replacement of products possible
- Minimize the risk of wrong quantity, wrong products, or damaged merchandise shipped
- Make sure your goods are properly loaded in a container that is in good condition;
- Ensure that the products are packed efficiently and loaded with care thus avoiding damage during the transportation
- Keep pressure on your supplier’s and forwarder’s shoulders
- Be sure that your container has not been opened between your supplier place and your seaport.
- Claim compensation from your forwarder in case of damaged goods.
- If important issues are found during the container loading supervision, we inform you immediately thus you can stop the container loading to avoid a disaster.


During Production Inspection / In-Process Inspection: This inspection service is the most demanded after the pre-shipment inspection. Its main purpose is to address quality issues before it is too late, giving you the time necessary to react and fix them correctly. The During Production Inspection is carried out when 20-60% of the production is completed. 
The DPI has the same characteristics as the PSI and is offered in combination with the PSI to have a better control on your production. In base of the buyer’s requirements, our inspector randomly checks workmanship quality, product appearance, sizes and weight, functionality assortment, accessories, logos & labeling, packing way and packaging and do the needed tests. We also verify the raw materials, the semi-finished products and the planning of production. Please note, that our inspectors have the required qualifications to advise the factory on the corrective actions to implement to improve the production quality.

Main benefits of the In-Process Inspection:

 - Check the production status and identify the main problems that can occur during the production cycle.
- Improve your control over production allowing timely correction of defects and improvements on quality.
- Highlight actual or potential defects, flaws or discrepancies, identification of possible delays.
- Resolve the quality issues and deviations during manufacturing process to forestall further problems and ensure a smoothly running  production.
- Implement a corrective action plan if necessary without inducing a delay.
- Assure that the mass production quality is the same as the reference sample approved by you.
- Verify if your order is on schedule.
- Improve the production capacity planning and so avoid unnecessary costs and delays.
- Avoid potentially catastrophic last-minute surprises in the production cycle. 


Initial Production Inspection : Inspection of the raw materials, components and accessories prior to the mass production to ascertain that the factory has correctly understood your instructions, specifications and requirements. During the IPP, the machinery, the tools and techniques of production are also verified. Our inspector will randomly select and check some samples of partially produced products for potential nonconformities, defects or deviations.   

A lab test can be integrated in this inspection to ensure the quality and conformity of the materials.

Main benefits of the Initial Production Inspection:

- Make sure that your specifications and requirements are fully understood and met
- Avoid misinterpretations, the use of wrong materials, wrong colors, etc.
- Find out any potential flaws and discrepancies in the products, and resolve the problems before the mass production starts

- Evaluate if the production can be finished on time or not
- Correcting defects early in the production process to save time
- Minimize the occurrence of defects and non-conformities by allowing timely corrective actions and improvements before the mass production starts
- Improve production process and provide technical advice in order to raise quality level

- Avoid quality related surprises during of after production
- Therefore Avoiding unnecessary reengineering work, delays and additional costs later


Production Monitoring (PM): Close and constant supervision of your production in the factory with daily reports on quality, progress and status of your production. PM takes place after the Initial Production Inspection (IPI) and before the Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI). This service is possible for any given period of time during the manufacturing process; we recommend it either when 10% of the production is completed or after successive failed inspections.

For important, time-sensitive and/or complex orders, it is an ideal way to get constant valuable feedback on the production process, detect production defects and failure in real time, adjust the production schedule timely and implement quickly the necessary corrective actions. Our monitoring production services helps you avoiding unexpected costs and delays and make sure that your production process is running smoothly.





Factory Audit : The aim of the factory audit is to confirm that the factory has the capacity and the required expertise to deliver the right product at the right time. 
To make sure, you have selected the right supplier and have the accurate information about him, our auditor checks:

1. Verification of all the official documents of the factory (company, registration, all licenses and certifications)

2. Thorough assessment of the production area: facilities, equipment and machinery, production organization, production lines, production flow, rough production capacity per week, workers skills and abilities, expertise in the product, what products they are able to produce?, Is a part of the production outsourced?, Main sources of procurement).

3. Verification of the in-house quality system established by the factory.

4. Checking of some samples of the products that the client wants to order from the factory if available 

5. Experience of the factory in matter of exportation; main export markets.

All along the factory audit, many pictures are taken to show you well all the aspects of the factory.

Social Audit: Designed after SA 8000 standard and/or client’s specific requirements, the social audit measures the social responsibility of your supplier. It includes factory touring, documents complete review, interviews of randomly selected workers, etc. Our qualified auditor independently assesses workplace, working conditions, health and safety, working hours and environment, wages and compensation, child labor, discrimination, disciplinary practices, operational and environmental management systems and factory dormitory if available.

Company Basic Verification Services:  To avoid fraud in China

This supplier verification service includes the following:
- Verification of the company registration;
-  Company's name in Chinese
-  Registration capital
-  Registration address
-  Date of registration
-  Registered capital;
-  Investors
-  Phone numbers verification and localization
-  Scope of business
-  Export License verification;
-  Certificates Verification
Service Price:  159 USD

Licenses and Certification Verification :only 15 USD per document. Document authentication through Chinese local government authorities.


Very affordable rates:

Factory Audit: 228 USD to 248 USD

Social Audit :  268 USD

Quality Inspection Service from 178 USD to 195 USD

Container Loading Check from 178 USD to 195 USD

Basic Supplier Verification: 159 USD

Licenses and Certification Verification from 15 USD

Communication with your Chinese suppliers from 45 USD


Product Inspection Expertise


Textiles & GarmentsHome TextileFootwear & Shoes
Fashion accessoriesLeather goodsHandbags & Backpacks
Luggage, bags & casesJewelry & accessoriesEyewear
Watches& clocksPromotional goods & giftsPacking, packaging & gift box
Plastic bags & paper bagsPaperStationery & office supplies
Electric bicyclesElectric bikes & electric scooters & self-balancing scootersElectric quads & other
Mountain bicycle, 
kids and adult bicycle
Motorbike & scooterMotorbike & car spare parts

Consumer electronics 

& electronics goods

Home electric appliances,

small and large Kitchen appliances

Kitchenware & household items
Industrial & Commercial appliancesLED, light and lightingHome decoration, crafts & gifts
Decorative material & Building materialsIndoor furniture (wood furniture, MDF furniture, plastic furniture, glass furniture, metal furniture, sofas, etc.) Home furnishings

Office furniture 

Commercial furniture

Hotel furniture & equipment

Restaurant furniture & equipment

Outdoor furniture

Garden furniture

Sporting goods &

leisure goods

Garden products &
Garden tools
Agricultural tools & machines
Medical Equipment & medical suppliesBeauty products & equipmentChildren Products & Toys
Pet productsElectronic componentsElectrical equipment
Machine & MachineryIndustrial parts & toolsChemical products





Thank for your time and consideration of our inspection services offers. 

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you should need about our inspection services or if you need some advice to make safer your business in China and Asia .

Skype: LuxibergInspection

Alibaba TradeManager: fr1511482783

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Our Trusted Inspection Partner in China and Asia

to ensure the Product Quality, Safety and Compliance

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